MENA Teacher Summit

6-7 October 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

An initiative of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Connected Community in the GCC, the Teacher Summit seeks to improve teaching and learning and connect education professionals throughout the MENA region to the resources provided by ASCD.

This regional event is a platform for American Curriculum teachers to engage and learn with renowned educators and scholars. Topics at the summit will address best practices in leadership, data, curriculum, and English Language Arts, Math, and Science. The audience for this conference will include classroom teachers, heads of department, program coordinators, school administrators, and organizations active in the educational sector.

MENA Teacher Summit Agenda

6 October 2017
Dr. Tom Hoerr
The Formative Five: Fostering Grit, Empathy, and Other Success Skills Every Student Needs
Time Event
8:00-8:45am Registration, Networking, Breakfast
8:45-9:00am Welcome
9:00-10:30am Part 1
10:30-10:45am Coffee Break
10:45-12noon Part 2
7 October 2017
Time Event
8:00-9:00am Registration, Exhibitors, Networking, Breakfast
9:00-9:15am Welcome
9:15-10:00am Keynote: Dr. Thomas Hoerr
10:00-10:15am Coffee Break, Exhibitors
10:15-11:15am Session 1
11:25-12:30pm Session 2
12:30-1:30pm Lunch and Learn, Exhibitors
1:35-2:35pm Session 3
2:45-3:50pm Session 4
3:50-4:00pm Giveaways, Reflections, Closing

Keynote and Pre-Conference

Dr. Tom Hoerr

Dr. Tom Hoerr led schools for 37 years and is the Emeritus Head of School of the New City School in St. Louis, MO. He is a Scholar-In- Residence at UM-St. Louis and teaches in the principal preparation program. Hoerr worked as a teacher and principal, and founded and directed the Non-Profit Management Program at Washington University in St. Louis. He leads the ISACS New Heads Network and holds a Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis.

Hoerr's latest book is The Formative Five: Fostering Grit, Empathy, and Other Success Skills Every Student Needs. He makes the case that it is not enough to prepare students academically; we must prepare them to succeed in life. Hoerr is also the author of Fostering Grit, The Art of School Leadership, Becoming a Multiple Intelligences School, and School Leadership for the Future. He has written more than 110 articles, and his "Principal Connection" column has been in Educational Leadership since 2004. Hoerr has presented at conferences around the world on grit, leadership, multiple intelligences, faculty collegiality, instructional leadership, and Success Skills.


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6 October Only Pre-Conference with Dr. Thomas R. Hoerr is AED 800 per person

6 October Only Pre-Conference with Dr. Thomas R. Hoerr + Formative Five ebook is AED 900 AED per person

7 October Conference is AED 1000: Bag, keynote, workshop sessions, breakfast, lunch, refreshment breaks, and Professional Development certificate for participation

6 and 7 October Full Conference is AED 1450 per person (add AED 100 to get the Formative Five ebook)


Adam Hall

Adam Hall has a passion for life, learning, and teaching. Throughout his professional career in private industry and education, he has remained focused on making the world a better place. His interest in the environment grew while earning a degree in Biology at the University of Colorado. In 1999, he co-founded Moonwalk for Earth (MFE), an organization dedicated to promoting a "mission to the moon" scale renewable energy and energy efficiency program. MFE became a conduit for earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records and a platform to motivate student activism within the arena of sustainability. The organization has helped schools attain solar power educational systems, grow gardens, and spark green initiatives.

From 2011-15, he focused on science and math instruction for students with learning differences in middle school academic support at Shanghai American School (SAS).During his tenure at SAS, Mr. Hall planned and coordinated a school-wide solar design challenge to address the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). In addition, Mr. Hall served as Roots & Shoots coordinator and launched Million Solar Stars to expand solar power in education. The initiative serves as a platform for science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) learning while cultivating student creativity, collaboration, and leadership skills. In 2014, Million Solar Stars received endorsement from Dr. Jane Goodall for extending solar power's educational, environmental, and economic benefits to international schools and businesses.

Mr. Hall has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Colorado, an International Teaching Certificate from the European Council of International Schools, and a Master of Science in Environmental Studies from Green Mountain College, Vermont.

Amy O'Meara

Amy O'Meara is a Chicago native who holds M.A. in Curriculum Design & Instruction and TEFL certified. She is currently working to become a Google Certified Educator as well. She is in her second year at Riffa Views International School, Bahrain where she loves being back in the classroom teaching grade four. Prior to her first international post, Amy worked for Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, Florida, in the US. A school district known for its innovation in education and the forefront of professional development for instruction. She spent several years in the classroom before serving 6 years as teacher coach in literacy. She specialized in the implementation of best practices for Writer's Workshop. She worked side-by-side with both teachers and students in the classroom to implement the most current trends in education. She has served on curriculum research teams and school leadership teams as curriculum specialist for writing instruction. Beyond this, she has also developed and delivered innovative professional development in literacy to teachers in her school, district, at the University of South Florida as a consultant for the Tampa Bay Area Writing Project and other schools in southeast Florida. She still currently a part of the National Writing Project, and a member of the NCTE, and ILA.

Ashley Green

Ashley Green achieved a bachelor's in education from Glasgow University and taught in the city for two years before moving to Dubai to teach in International Schools. She is currently working at Jess for three years where the forward thinking and innovative senior leaders have allowed her to trial, pilot, and embed her knowledge into the curriculum. Ashley is passionate about promoting emotional education for children throughout their entire time at school and believes equipping them with skills to handle a variety of life situations ensures the development of the whole child.

Assile Al Amili

Assile Al Amili is an educator with more than ten years of experience in teaching and leadership. She received a Master's degree of educational leadership and administration with high distinction, a Bachelor's of Art in Arabic literature, and an international diploma in training. Assile gained an extensive and rich experience in very reputed organizations, particularly in teaching, learning, and leadership. During her professional career she developed resources, curriculum content, course work, assessment tools, and digital practices. Moreover, she contributed to her schools and educational organizations improvement plan and raised the profile of her department. Presently, Assile is working on a project that would enable the Arabic non-native learners to acquire the language and to help them achieve high attainment in their internal and international exams such as ministry exams, GCSE and IGCSE exams, and IB exams. Also, she is involved in a philanthropic project, where she is improving the quality of learning, teaching, and assessment in an educational center in Dubai.

Callie Bush

After 23 years experience teaching science in rural and suburban schools in the U.S., Callie moved to the Middle East to teach at Riffa Views International School. She has extensive training in access and equity and was a Summer Fellow at the Science Museum of Minnesota where she helped train teams of teachers in race, equity, and STEM education. In addition to access and equity, she has led trainings on technology use, standards-based assessment, and flexible learning environments. Callie has twice been a state finalist for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, the highest award for a STEM teacher in the United States.

Dr. Craig Gabler

Craig Gabler is a Science/STEM education consultant and the KDSL Global science consultant for American curriculum schools in the MENA region. Previously he was at Educational Service District (ESD) 113 in Olympia, Washington, beginning in 2000. At the ESD, Dr. Gabler served as Regional Science Coordinator where his primary role was to coordinate and deliver science professional development to the 44 school districts in the region. During his time at the ESD, Dr. Gabler also served as Curriculum Director for Science & Mathematics for Tacoma Public Schools in Washington for two years. Dr. Gabler began his career in Centralia, Washington in 1975 as a high school chemistry and physics teacher. Outside of his work in districts, Dr. Gabler has been active in science education leadership. He served as a writer for the NGSS, worked on Washington state science standards writing teams, and spent several summers as Mentor Teacher in the U.S. Department of Energy's Pre-Service Teacher program at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He is currently the Retiring President of the National Science Education Leadership Association. In addition, he served a two-year term as president of the Washington Science Teachers Association and as the National Science Teachers Association's District XVII Director. Leadership and leadership development continues to be an area of focus for Dr. Gabler. He served as the team leader of the 2014 NGSS Forum held in Dubai for American curriculum schools in the MENA region. Dr. Gabler was also a featured author in Teach UAE Magazine where he wrote an article on implementing the NGSS. Dr. Gabler received a BS in Physical Science from Washington State University, an MS in Science Education from Oregon State University, and a PhD in Science & Mathematics Education from the Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

Dr. Sarah Boswell

Dr. Sarah A. Boswell, the founder of Collective Learning, is an accomplished educator and advocate for teachers and students. Her career evolved from the classroom to district level professional learning coach and staff developer to international teacher talent development consultant. Through her higher educational pursuits, beginning in early childhood education and culminating in adult learning, Sarah unconventionally brings two key aspects of expertise into her consultancy. As a result, Sarah is situated in a wealth of indispensable knowledge and experience that serve as a keystone to her ability to design, implement, and facilitate learning cultures that encapsulate the intellectual and intuitive capacity of teachers. She co-authored a chapter in "Reshaping Learning" titled, Schools as Learning Communities that explores the implication of learning organizations in schools. Dr. Boswell is a scholar-leader who continues to leverage her experience and research to facilitate change in schools.

Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell is a science teacher in Dubai who has a keen interest in exploring engaging ways to successfully foster STEM education. She has taught a diverse population of students in the USA and in Dubai. She is currently teaching as an adjunct instructor at Zayed University in the College of Education while at the same time completing a graduate program in Engineering Education at Tufts University in Boston, USA. As the Next Generation Science Standards include the integration of engineering practices she wanted to get a feel for what engineers really do and learn how to engage students actively in the engineering process. Elizabeth has now found a passion for teaching the "E" in STEM after learning many exciting ways to guide students through the thinking, designing, and building process. She feels there is vast potential for developing this field of education in the region as our students present diverse perspectives on problems and solutions.

Heather French

A dynamic teacher trainer, with extensive international experience and a demonstrable track record of success, with a particular interest in whole school literacy. Heather French's strengths include the ability to critically evaluate schools and to deliver bespoke training programmes; professionalise literacy coordinators ; improve the teaching of phonics using a systematic approach; advise schools on language policies who have a high number of EAL pupils; provide drama workshops for staff; deliver training on creative ways to teach grammar, spelling and punctuation; present creative ideas for the teaching of poetry; improve the standard of writing across whole school and help to instill a love of reading amongst all pupils.

Heather Roy

Heather Roy has been teaching for over 20 years in Canada and the UAE in both elementary and secondary classrooms. She is currently working as a Technology Teaching and Learning Coach at the American School of Dubai (ASD). Heather is passionate about Google Apps for Education and the power it has to transform teaching and learning in schools. She is a Google Certified Trainer and Leader Google Educator Group (GEG) for the UAE.

Jacqueline Burns

Inquisitive and analytical by nature, Jacqueline Burns is a problem solver who enjoys the complexity of teaching mathematics to diverse audiences of learners. She's passionate about creating interactive environments that allow participants to embrace the joys and also tackle the challenges of teaching and learning mathematics. Jacqueline's work draws on more than two decades of teaching and supporting mathematics in schools that span the cultural, socioeconomic, ethnic, and cognitive ability spectra. Prior to moving overseas, she served as a Mathematics Specialist for a major metropolitan school district in the United States. Her work has been featured in From Standards to Rubrics in 6 Steps: Tools for Assessing Student Learning, K-8 and Jacqueline has presented on mathematics topics at schools and conferences and in the MENA region and across the USA. Ms. Burns holds teaching support credentials as a Teacher Support Specialist and teacher certification in several subject areas including early childhood education and middle grades mathematics.

Jancey Clark

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Jancey Clark has been teaching and coaching at the American International School in Riyadh (AIS-R) for the past seven years. As a K-5 learning coach, Jancey focuses on supporting student learning through coaching cycles and unit planning. The best part about her job is empowering teachers through learning rounds, lab sites, and professional passion projects. When she is not learning with teachers at AIS-R, she can be found sharing her learning on twitter (@jancey5) or on her blog.

Janet Larsen Roberts

Janet Larsen Roberts was drawn to teaching because her first grade teacher told her she talked too much. Now she is a reformed teacher-talk junkie and her passion is helping over teachers overcome the habit of talking too much. She has taught English and ESL for 30 years to middle school, high school, university and adult students in the U.S. and UAE. Janet draws upon her vast teaching experience and leads teachers to discover new truths through her energetic, inspiring training sessions. In the U.S., she led her school's Character Development team. Janet has also taught English for HCT and Zayed University. She graduated cum laude from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science in English and a Minor in Communication and Theatre. She is a Certified Kagan Trainer and Senior Education Consultant for the Knowledge Group.

James Bush Miller

James Bush Miller is a 26-year teaching veteran who has embraced the use of technology in the classroom. As a high school math teacher, he has been flipping his classes for many years and has his own YouTube channel, mrmathmiller. As an IB educator for 9+ years, James has taught all dp math levels as well as myp levels 4 and 5. One year ago, he and his family ventured into the international teaching community and have enjoyed learning and teaching overseas in Bahrain.

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith owns a Dubai-based business consultant specializing in K-12 education resources. He has over 15 years of experience forging partnerships with schools and organizations throughout the United States and across multiple countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Jeffrey is currently CEO of Copperstone Education. Copperstone represents the world-renowned and fully accredited Calvert Distance Learning curriculum for homeschool families and blended learning options in partnership with schools throughout the MENA region. Copperstone also offers Walkabouts by ActivEd and the Envision IELTS for Teachers program, which is thought to be the first IELTS preparation course developed specifically for teachers.

Prior to his current role, Jeffrey was Founding Director of Sylvan Learning in the UAE and Chief Operations Officer for Sylvan throughout the MENA Region. He is recognized for his extraordinary ability to develop "win-win" collaborations where the needs of all stakeholders are considered when developing solutions.

Jeffrey's record of success also includes developing a partnership with the US Department of Defense to provide college preparation courses for military families at the Fort George Meade Army Base in the state of Maryland and his creation of several free community outreach projects here in the UAE, including Read Across the Gulf and the Community Service Initiative. Jeffrey has served on the Governing Board at North American International School for the past 5 years. He is also known for his volunteer work in the education community such as the Real Men Read campaign in the UAE.

Kelly Seymour and Rachel Lloyd

Kelly Seymour is an expert in Leading and Teaching within the Early Years and has dedicated her career to developing child led learning philosophies that empower students and teachers to shine. Her fearless and empowered mindset has enabled her to develop practices and workshops for teachers and students that encourage creativity and imagination and promote empowerment and authenticity.

Kelly is passionate about developing the dreams and imaginations of the next generation in order to bring positive change into their lives and the world. She cofounded Limitless Education in order to develop innovative teaching and coaching practices that will support and empower all practitioners to bring this awareness and understanding to the forefront of education. Kelly is a unique facilitator due to the mindful combination of her passions in teaching, exploring the limitless possibilities of the imagination and playing with creativity.

Kelly is dedicated to student empowerment and developing fearless living, she fundamentally believes that in order to create positive change in the world and education reform we need to collaborate with youth, understanding that their empowerment is the key to sustainable change.

As co-founder of Limitless Education, Rachel Lloyd is passionate about fostering an understanding of the importance of dreams, passions, imagination, and creativity in education settings. She is committed to education reform and is invested in shifting the focus from grades and assessments to dreams and passions. Rachel committed herself to exploring the most effective education philosophies, she is a highly knowledgeable in 'Reggio Emilia' and child initiated learning. During her time leading schools in the UAE and UK, Rachel developed her own unique education philosophies, which incorporated 'passion projects, developing dreamers and creating change makers'.

With 16 years experience in education she has created outstanding and innovative education practices, Rachel has been highlighted as an innovative and inspiring head teacher by local authorities. With a refreshing and remarkable mindset she supports educators developing unique teaching philosophies and practices.

Kenneth Johnson

Kenneth Johnson has spent the last two years teaching internationally and coaching math teachers. Prior to joining the American United School (AUS) of Kuwait, he taught for 10 years in several school districts in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked primarily as a middle school math teacher. He also served in the role as a Computer Tech Instructor and a Physical Educational teacher. Kenny’s experience in these fields have assisted with his development as an educator in helping to understand the various developmental needs of students from elementary to high school. He is proud to continue as part of the AUS learning community in order to create 21st Century lifelong learners and global citizens, thus providing the best educational experience for students, parents, and peers.

Maci Nazzarini

Maci Nazzarini is an educator and learner practicing and engaging at Riffa Views International School in Bahrain. Maci has had the privilege of teaching some amazing first, third, and fourth graders. In the past she also had the enriching experience as a community outreach specialist and parent-program coordinator. This has given her the ability to work with parents, teachers, and students of all ages. Creating a safe, welcome environment where ALL students—no matter their age—can learn and share with each other is her passion. She believes in a future of education where teachers are learners and learners are teachers. She has become successful at engaging students in positive, fun ways that makes learning enjoyable and accessible. Maci's mission is to share these techniques and learn more from educators all over the globe.

Loretta Sanders

Loretta Sanders is a Curriculum and Instruction Specialist who has gained her work experience in both North Carolina, USA and the United Arab Emirates. Over her 16-year career, she has held various curriculum-based leadership roles from Elementary Curriculum Specialist to Vice Principal overseeing Professional Development and School Programs to her current role as a Secondary Principal. Loretta has led a team comprised of both teachers and Heads of Department in creating a rigorous and yet balanced elementary curriculum using Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards while ensuring integration of 21st Century skills for a student population of 40 different nationalities across four schools. As a result, district schools showed great improvement on their governmental inspection rating from the previous academic year. In her various curriculum roles, Loretta has invested vast amounts of time researching and building her expertise in all related areas. Her passion is to share her knowledge and enthusiasm about this field with fellow educators and ultimately have an impact on learners in classrooms everywhere.

Minette Finney-Lewis

Minette Finley-Lewis's passion is to ensure a superb learning environment for all educators and students by creating, nurturing and enhancing a lifelong love for knowledge in order to attain their full potential; and consequently creating successful next generation educators, learners, and innovators. She has a deep interest in learning about state-of-the-art educational tools, investigating research, and designing instructional materials.

Last year she completed her 2nd year at American United School (AUS), Kuwait. Prior to joining AUS, she gained a wealth of experience in education from West Africa, where she taught secondary school English Language Arts, French and Drama. In London, she developed, implemented, and supervised Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) for students with Special Educational Needs in reception through year 6, and in North Carolina as an educator for 9 years, including a year of internship as an administrator. Minette also served as a coordinator for a district After-School Quality Improvement Grant Program. Minette has a post master's graduate certificate in School Administration/Educational Leadership (PCER), post master's graduate certificate in curriculum leadership, administration, and supervision, a masters' of arts in Teaching, and a bachelor's in honors in education studies.

Mohamed Obaidat

Mohamed Obaidat is the Director of Business Development for Knowledge Group – Education Division. He is a recognized expert in educational strategy execution, schools performance evaluation, leadership development and training programs for teachers. Mohamed works with senior executives and speaks at conferences on these topics. Mohamed works with organizations at senior levels on "Education Reform Strategy" to help governmental and private bodies to align strategic priorities with the rest of the organization and create a learning organization vs organizational learning in addition to the organization's harmony and sustainability. Mohamed has worked extensively on writing the National Identity program for the Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC).

Mohamed has also worked with Mosaica Education/USA for 6 years. In 2009, Mohamed became the Regional Manager for the MENA Region. Mohamed has achieved the best employee prize for 3 years universally. He also served as a professional development director with CfBT and in then he was the director of Razi education from Canada. Mohamed holds 3 Masters Degrees in curriculum instruction, Islamic studies approaches, and educational leadership styles.

Pierre Atallah

Pierre Atallah is an educational professional with 15+ years of experience in the educational arena. With expertise across various disciplines, he is mainly focused on math and science education and educational leadership and management. Driving his passion is commitment for community and social development through learning. He enjoys working with people in educational contexts bringing out their potential and enabling them to grow in the face of challenges through impacting their work cultures and behavioural routines. He finds himself influential in policy development, management sustainability and efficiency and integration of technology in leadership and management as tools of institutional effectiveness. Pierre holds a Master's Degree in International Education Policy and Management from the University of Birmingham, England and a Bachelor's Degree in Physics from the Lebanese University, Lebanon

Rhonda Guitroz

As a 19 year veteran educator, Rhonda Guitroz has served as an ELA Skills Specialist, Curriculum Writer, District Presenter, and Assessment writer for Aldine ISD. Currently, she serves as a K-12 Literacy Coach at American United School in Kuwait.

Saki Milton

Saki Milton is an experienced mathematics educator with more than 20 years in the education industry including adult learning, academic consulting, curriculum writing, teacher mentoring and coaching, market development and consulting, and most importantly eight years of classroom teaching.

Passionate about STEM education, Saki is known for her extensive work in the U.S. by founding The GEMS Camp (Girls interested in Engineering, Mathematics and Science), a non-profit organization whose mission is to build confidence in girls in grades 7-10 in five core areas called the 5 Karat Gems - Academics, Career, Creativity, Leadership, and Service - so that they will be successful in STEM studies and beyond. The organization has served more than 300 girls across Texas since 2010, partnering with major STEM employers such as BP Oil, Pepsico-FritoLay, Microsoft, HESS Corporation, and NASA to name a few.

Saki currently works for Pearson Education Middle East as the U.S. Schools Curriculum Manager, delivering educator support to schools across the gulf region. Saki holds a B.A. in mathematics from The University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas and an M.B.A. in marketing from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Scott Farber

Scott Farber, president and founder of A-List Education, earned a degree in International Relations from Harvard University in 2001. Since A-List's inception in 2005, Scott has overseen all aspects of the company's growth while continuing to work directly with many students and a variety of schools and non-profit programs. Scott has personally worked with over 4,000 students, trained over 500 educators, developed innovative education products such as Vocab Videos,, and presented at conferences and educational organizations around the world. Scott also serves in a variety of educational consulting capacities for nationally recognized non-profit programs.

Shady Elkassas

Since his childhood, Shady Elkassas looked forward to a career in teaching and is committed to maintaining high standards and practices in the education of young people. He has a Master's of Science in Education, Executive Management Diploma, and a Bachelor's of Science. Shady believes that the capstone of education is to give every student equal opportunities to learn. He has taken the initiative to adopt the project-based learning and inquiry-based learning methodologies to create a new foundation of STEM learning in his school.

For the past few years Shady has worked at Sharjah American International School. He joined as High School Physics Teacher and currently handles dual responsibilities as Head of Science Department and Academic Coordinator. As Academic Coordinator he oversees departmental recruitment, staff and faculty training, and organizes academic events. For a significant duration, he taught Physics and was successful in generating a growing interest in the subject among students.

Tamsin Thomas

Tamsin Thomas serves as director of international efforts at the College Board, working with K-12 schools and in partnership with our members in the Middle East, North Africa and South/Central Asia. In this role she oversees the implementation of College Board's K-12 programs and initiatives in MENA and South/Central Asia. Prior to joining the College Board, Tamsin spent over 13 years in the field of international education, most recently leading efforts with the British Council's international higher education program in the USA and as a founding member of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling International Advisory Committee. Previously, Tamsin worked in international admissions for multiple UK universities with an emphasis in the Middle East, South Asia and West Africa. Tamsin earned her bachelor's degree in International Relations from Keele University (UK) and a master's degree in European Studies from the University of Birmingham (UK).

Ashleigh Thompson

After a very successful career in the UK, Ashleigh moved to Dubai to be a Head of Foundation Department in a large school. During this time Ashleigh developed a wealth of local knowledge and got to grips with the culture, heritage and national agenda of the country. Whilst in the UK, Ashleigh specialized specifically in children’s literature for her BA Hons in English Language and Literature. Ashleigh has also studied for a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education with a Primary French Specialism and a Post-Graduate Certificate in 'Creative Writing in the Classroom'. Ashleigh subsequently went on to complete her Masters in 'Creative Writing in the Classroom'. Her love for literacy continues to play an important part in her life and she has written several children's stories.

In her school in Newcastle, UK, Ashleigh managed the french and early years department which was rated as 'Outstanding'. In her role, she was responsible for adapting the outdoor shared classroom and she developed as a Forest School Practitioner by building in regular opportunities to use the Fire-pit with the children. Due to her success within the school, she was asked to work in an advisory capacity with other teams in Newcastle to improve their Ofsted ratings and to support them to grow and succeed. She also took on the role of Governor in the Primary setting, on the board of a Nursery and within a pro-active team at a Secondary School.

Ashleigh's most recent role is Founding Director of IDEA Early Learning Center, part of IDEA Education. IDEA ELC is a KHDA approved early years center with nursery and school classes that provides the Creative Curriculum. Ashleigh has delivered many workshops and professional learning sessions on creativity in the classroom and developing children's creative voice.

Thomas Shorrock

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Bristol, Tom worked in Industry for 6 years in the UK & France. In his spare time, Tom worked with schools and a Cadet Force in his local area to help with the Duke of Edinburgh Award. It was during this time that he made the decision to become a teacher and trained through the Graduate Teacher Training Programme at the University of Wolverhampton. He developed his love for the outdoors and non-formal education by taking part in various courses relating to walking, kayaking, climbing, sailing, and scuba diving.

Having taught in the United Kingdom for two years, Tom went on to teach chemistry, Science and French at various schools in Qatar, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. It was whilst in Abu Dhabi that the opportunity to work for the Award arose. Now based in Abu Dhabi, his main focus is the development of the Award and non-formal education within the UAE. He also supports the Award in Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain.

Dan Pardy

Dan Pardy is the District Coordinator for 21st Century Learning at Qatar Foundation Schools in Doha where, among other responsibilities, he coordinates the SUNY Postgraduate programme, development of innovative learning practices, and the use of EdTech to enhance learning within the district’s nine schools. During the last few years, Dan has presented and ran workshops on tech integration and 21CL at numerous conferences - including the NESA Fall Leadership conference, Google Summits and TechFest Dubai. Dan is currently a member of the ASCD GCC steering committee and co-moderates the #QFSchools Twitter chat.

Carole Lahoud

Carole Lahoud is the Educational Representative of Hachette Antoine, a psychomotor therapist, an educational psychologist and a trainer. She has over 10 years of experience in education as a teacher, rehabilitation specialist, head of preschool department, consultant and a trainer both in the Gulf and the MENA region.

Darine El-Masri

As a recognized expert in child and family safety, lawyer, entrepreneur, speaker, and the President of Kidproof Safety for the MENA region, Ms Darine El-Masri has dedicated her life to the advancement of women's rights, and to ensuring the safety of children and families around the world.

Kidproof Safety, a Canadian education provider and the world's most trusted source in child safety, entrusted Ms El-Masri's expertise to provide Kidproof's innovative, preventative and valuable safety education to all communities in the MENA region. Through Kidproof's memorable workshops, seminars and school programs, Ms El-Masri has inspired tens of thousands of children, parents and educators to recognize danger and make safe choices when it comes to child abductions, abuse, gun safety, internet safety, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, accidental deaths and much more.

As a lawyer and leading member of the Quebec Bar since 2004, Ms. El-Masri has stood out amongst her peers as a fierce fighter for the rights of women and children. She has been recognized by the Department of Immigration and several other representatives of various levels of the Canadian government for her contribution to the advancement of women's rights, as well as her efforts towards women's empowerment and the prevention of violence committed against women and children.

Today, as the President of Kidproof in the MENA region, Ms. El-Masri continues to work tirelessly in her quest to increase safety awareness in the Arab region because to her, there is nothing more rewarding that knowing she has helped keep a child safe.

Shaun Robison

Shaun Robison is an entrepreneurial, senior education leader who has delivered a range of projects in the GCC education sector.

Shaun has worked with investors, operating companies, consultants, teachers and government regulators to plan, license and deliver start-up projects with large Cap-Ex requirements. Shaun is passionate about education and entrepreneurship and has an excellent mix of commercial and educational competencies, having written feasibility studies, financially modelled schools and early learning centers, and opened them in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

He has a full working knowledge of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE), the Lusail City Real Estate Development Company and the MOE in Qatar. Before working for BBD Education, Shaun was the Head of School Development for Sobha Developers and managed the opening of Hartland International School, a premium British Curriculum School in Dubai. Shaun also oversaw the opening of the IDEA Early Learning Center in Victory Heights, Dubai and serves as a governor to the Center.

Shaun brings digital, project management and marketing strengths to BBD Education. He has established networks of tens of thousands of teachers and school leaders, throughout the GCC. These networks provide a strong foundation for BBD’s activities in teacher recruitment, senior staff search, research and communications.

Francesca McGeary

Co-Founder-IngeniousEd and Institute for Educators of BMLs; Author "Bilingual and Multilingual Learners from the Inside-Out: Elevating Expertise in Classrooms and Beyond

Francesca McGeary enjoys working with students, parents and teachers. She is a lover of languages, art and culture and speaks 6 languages, including Mandarin. Originally born in Scotland, she was also raised in Brussels, Belgium as a “third-culture-kid.” She began her teaching career at the International School of Brussels as an EAL teacher and later worked in other international schools around the globe as an EAL Coordinator. 21 years later, she now owns her own consulting company, IngeniousEd. along with friend and colleague, Alison Schofield. Francesca is based in Dubai, UAE and enjoys researching, traveling and sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.

Alison Schofield

Co-Founder-IngeniousEd and Institute for Educators of BMLs; Author "Bilingual and Multilingual Learners from the Inside-Out: Elevating Expertise in Classrooms and Beyond.

Alison began her career as a disability specialist and behavioural therapist before first becoming a special education teacher. She grew up in Northern Ontario, Canada and taught in the multicultural cities of Calgary and Toronto before moving to the UAE. She has worked extensively with indigenous children and multicultural communities. Alison later worked as a teacher and Learning Support Coordinator within international schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and began working with bilingual and multilingual learners more intensively. She is a passionate entrepreneur and lifelong learner who enjoys trying out new technologies and innovations. She also loves writing, learning about new cultures and working with teachers around the globe.

Praveen Vyas

Praveen is a CEO and founding member of the LifeWorks Foundation and highly passionate about work which spreads care to humanity. He is proud and enthused to be a LifeWorks member and believes in the ethos and values of it and is committed to spreading the experience of changing lives across the world for emotional health, wellness and personal growth through the Mindfulness Approach.

With over 16 years of versatile experience working in large corporates such as HSBC & DuPont USA, Praveen has worked at a senior level in Finance Processes, Operations & Banking specializing in initiating international startups for Opeartions. Managing multiple global small to large projects, he has lead and managed teams with a successful proven track record of positive results.

While working with the MNC’s Praveen always worked towards improvement of emotional/mental health by practicing meditation and coaching range of individuals and groups. He believes in holistic approach of emotional health and at LifeWorks Foundation the team and psychiatrist, psychologists and coaches echos the same vision and speard the care, concern and compassion to the community dealing with any of the emotional health conditions.


Sessions are based on these topics below:

    Transformational Leadership
    Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Grading
    Teaching and Learning
    Whole Child

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MENA Teacher Summit Program

Ms. Saki L. Milton, M.B.A
Engage - Turn and Talk



MENA Teacher Summit Presentations

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Shady Elkassas, MSEd
MENA: Robotics and Education Development



Andrew Miller
PBL Projects for Learning and Engagement

Presentation 1 | Handout 1
Presentation 2 | Handout 2


James BushMiller
Make it YOURS!



Amy OMeara
Close Reading In The Digital Age

Presentation | Resources


Craig Gabler
Preparing for Classroom based NGSS Assessment

Presentation 1 | Presentation 2 | Handout 1 | Handout 2 | Handout 3


Patti Drapeau

Presentation | Handout


Francesca McGeary and Alison Schofield
Struggling Bilingual Learners: What's Normal and What's Not!



Callie BushMiller
Students as Classroom Hackers



Dr. Angela Peery
More of a Good Thing

Presentation 1 | Presentation 2 | Handout 1 | Handout 2


Rhonda Guitroz
Poetry Analysis Made Easy

Presentation | Handout 1 | Handout 2 | Handout 3


Kenneth Johnson
Implementing Creativity in your Math Lesson



Ashley Green
A Mindful Approach To Education



Mohamed Obaidat
Raising the Quality of Arabic and Islamic Education in UAE Schools



Adam Hall
Science, Solar Reading Lights, & Literacy



Elizabeth Mitchell
Elementary engineers



Thomas R. Hoerr, PhD
Formative Five

Handout 1 | Handout 2 | Handout 3
Educational Leadership “Principal Connection” column:
Group Effectiveness Is No Accident
The Formative Five:

Cody Claver
Enhancing Professional Practice: The Framework For Teaching



Jancey Clark
Making Thinking Visible



Ashleigh Thompson
The Teaching Of Literacy: Creative Writing



Darine El-Masri
The Protect Ed TM Child abuse prevention course: A predator’s bag of tricks



Heather Roy
Transform Teaching and Learning with G Suite for Education

Webpage 1 | Webpage 2


Loretta Sanders
Teachers As Leaders



Scott Farber
The SAT/ACT – Leveling The Playing Field



Ms. Saki L. Milton, M.B.A
How to Take Existing Content to Create Expo 2020 Themed Units



Tamsin Thomas
Leading Learning on the Pathway to College and Career Readiness
SAT Suite of Assessments and the Khan Academy Partnership

Presentation 1 | Presentation 2

Handout 1 | Handout 2 | Handout 3 | Handout 4


Dr. Sarah A. Boswell
Peer Observations Lead to Learning Organizations

Presentation | Handout 1 | Handout 2 |


Minette Finney
Mastering the Curriculum Through Problem-Based Learning

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MENA Teacher Summit Hotels

InterContinental DFC: From Deluxe room = AED 650++ per night including breakfast and internet for single occupancy.
*Additional AED 100 for the double occupancy.

Universal American School Conference rate - InterContinental DFC
Crowne Plaza DFC: From Superior room = AED 550++ per night including breakfast and internet for single occupancy.
*Additional AED 100 for the double occupancy.

Universal American School Conference rate - Crowne Plaza DFC


Where the Teacher Summit will take place:

Universal American School
P.O. Box 79133, Al Rashidiya
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel.: +9714 2325222

Location Map


The Formative Five: Fostering Grit, Empathy, and Other Success Skills Every Student Needs


Books by Charlotte Danielson

Patti Drapeau

On ASCD:, 2014)

On Amazon:

On Google: Great Teaching with Graphic Organizers 2nd edition revised and updated (Hawker Brownlow, 2010)

On Amazon:

On Google: Differentiated Instruction: Making It Work (Scholastic, 2004)

On Amazon:

Books by Dr. Angela Peery

Books by Andrew Miller

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GCC ASCD Connected Community Steering Committee

Kevin Simpson
KDSL Global in the United Arab Emirates; Founder

Dan Pardy
Qatar Academy Doha; Lead Teacher

Mona L. Fairley-Nelson
American United School of Kuwait; Curriculum Specialist

Jo Garrahy
Riffa Views International School in Bahrain; Elementary Principal

Scott Farber
A-List Education in the USA; President

Jancey Clark
American International School in Riyadh; Elementary School Learning Coach

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